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Presenting at PBLink Congress

Looking forward to sharing our experience and advice on stage with 200 business leaders. These prestigious event is chaired by BBC Anchor Kasia Madera and the opening note will be delivered by H.E Ambassador for Poland Akrady Rzegocki.

The focus of the day will be on “Futureproofing your Business” and will not only focus on Brexit but also on what future challenges and developments lie ahead. Internet giants such as Uber and Airbnb continue to disrupt traditional business models and we are seeing virtual and augmented reality glasses replacing TV screens while vitrual currencies may eventually replace hard cash.

Who would have thought, just ten years ago, that today there’d be thousands of newly set-up small businesses across the UK making money by writing apps for smartphones, engaging on behalf of their clients on social media or delivering all manner of goods bought online?

“The event will give entrepreneurs the chance to get away from the day-to- day grind of running their business and think about how it could look in 2027 in a world of rapidly evolving technologies. Time to think what they will mean for you, your employees and your customers. We need to face up to several grand visions of the future, and consider how likely they are to come true.” - said Bartosz Kowalczyk organiser of the IV Annual Polish Business Congress.

Any business interested in attending the congress should visit to register before 8th November 2017 as over 200 businesses are expected to attend and spaces are limited.

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