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Smart Digital Signage means better content

and a more engaged audience. 

At Boldmind we are doing our bit to build Smarter Cities

by enabling better information distribution for all businesses. We understand the value of good signage to capture attention of visitors and passers by. 


All digital panels are organised into audiences to help advertisers choose the best sites for their campaign.                No planning expertise is required as users are guided on location and time to reach their audience. See how 15000 digital billboards and panels in the UK can help grow your business. 

big data


State-of-the-art CMS built for the advertising sector to allow landowners easy screen monetisation.  

Content is distributed using proprietary method. It can be scheduled using live data feeds such as car traffic, transport, weather and footfall. 

Our dedicated team of data scientists constantly look at new data streams to improve the engine's decisions.


Ready to montise your screen? 

Our API is compatible with both SOAP and RESTfull environments on one side and integrated with the industry standards such as OPENdirect on the other. Open architecture ensures seamless integration with both  legacy and new infrastructure. This means your screen will be available for purchase to multiple buying points.


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